Prehispanic Cooking Class Fogon

Prehispanic Cooking Class Fogon is an authentic class where you’ll get to know the oldest techniques of traditional Oaxaca food and cooking. We will start with a visit to the Abastos market to choose organic and fresh ingredients. Then we will go to an open space close to the Monte Albán archeological site where a delicious café de olla awaits for you (and some snacks if you wish). You’ll be able to choose your corn color to make nixtamal from scratch so we can obtain the masa to make tortillas and quesadillas.

we’ll prepare hot corn-based drinks, and to continue with the menu a wild herbs soup, salsa and Mole from the paste, either black or Coloradito. If you are interested, we can also make it from scratch, it takes longer and it’s a lot of work but also more authentic.

Prehispanic cooking is gluten-free and meat-free, thus is compatible for people with dietary restrictions. The class can be adapted to vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free diets.

$1,800 5 hours

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